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Capital Raising | Blended Finance | Sustainability


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Our teams expertise over 30 years is raising financing for Banks, Non Bank Financial Institutions, Techs, Micro Finance Companies.

In addition, we are also very familiar with financing that requires regulatory interaction.  Our team has been involved with many regulatory financings.

Our founder over his career in global financial institutions has done over US$100 billion of transactions in over 16 currencies.



In todays world, different lenders have different objectives. These include banks, Development Finance Institutions, Donors, insurers, Asset Managers, Retail.

Blended finance can bring them together at various levels of the capital stack, with each able to achieve their objectives.

Our Founder was invited to consult with the OECD on scaling up Blended Finance.  The paper can be found here.



We have worked on projects related to the United Nations Sustainable Goals, such as climate risk, financial inclusion, Education and more. 

We help you strategize your "sustainability" objectives and create frameworks that you can use in your company.

A lot of the Sustainability Advisory is linked to Sustainable Development Financing.



With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Through our experience we have found once there is a framework in the institution, there is a standard operating procedure that is set.  It helps develop the team and the culture, too!

At MSPL Consulting, we combine our insights and skills to transform your stakeholder strategies.  Stakeholders could be investors, boards, advisors, Banks, lenders.

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Madhur Mehta is an investment banker who has worked with JPMorgan and Standard Chartered Bank over the last 28 years, raising financing for corporations, financial institutions, governments and government agencies around the world. He has originated and raised financings of circa US$100 billion in 16 currencies for entities globally. 

He has formed a global network of client relationships at senior levels that he is working with for the company.

With close to three decades experience, Madhur knows what it takes to drive strategies to conclusion – be it raising funds, business development or nurturing long lasting relationships.

Madhur has worked on sustainable finance projects that involve micro-finance, SME's, women and education creating innovative strategies for different classes of investors to participate together.

His brainchild - a digital project on Sustainable Finance has been a digital challenge winner. He received funding and with a technology team to bring the idea to MVP.

Madhur was introduced by SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation) to OECD when they were writing the Perspective Series on: Making Blended Finance Work for Sustainable Development, to contribute via interviews and feedback.

Madhur has spoken at industry conference one of them being the Asia Financial Forum on Blended Finance.

Over the years he has led deals that have won industry awards from the International Financing Review, The Asset Magazine, Asiamoney and Global Capital.

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