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Start up - the agony and the ecstasy

Commencing my journey as a startup – the agony and the ecstasy

It’s been a little over three weeks, I have been in my start up. I now know first-hand how many friends, colleagues and entrepreneurs felt as they made their first foray into their own company - an exhilarating experience thus far!

The company name, the registration, the banking, the networking, the drafting of agreements – never a dull moment! I’ve networked with a number of companies and people – many of them entrepreneurs themselves. The words I heard from them were “Congratulations!”, “You will love it”, “Welcome to our side” They talked about their own journey – they said “you will find it rewarding”, “exasperating”, “a little bit terrifying”, “not always sunny”, “the chips can be down and suddenly there could be a whole load of success” – all in all “no words can do justice to the euphoria of creating your own company” 

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